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Meet the Founder/Principal 

As the founder of SBSECA, I firmly advocate for the collaborative effort of homes, schools, and communities in optimizing the well-being, education, and overall development of children and their families. At Step By Step, our commitment is to actively nurture the growth and transformation of our students by offering opportunities for exploration, revelation, and practical application within individuals' unique environments while making a positive impact on their life. As leaders and educators, our ultimate objective is to empower each young individual to embrace God's intended purpose for their life and to fervently pursue that calling. Our mission revolves around educating, equipping, nurturing, and actively involving them in the lifelong journey towards success.

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                                                                                    Our Mission

At Step By Step Enrichment Center, our mission is to offer a biblically rooted, personalized, self-paced curriculum while assisting families with their homeschooling and enrichment needs. This is achieved within a secure learning environment under the guidance of experienced educators from Step By Step Enrichment Center/Academy who oversee the learning process. We proudly implement the Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) program and Packets of Accelerated Christian Education (PACE) curriculum, which not only challenge students academically but also encourage the development of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the embodiment of His character.

                                                                                     Our Vision

Step By Step Enrichment Center's vision is grounded in unwavering trust in the Lord as we strive for academic and biblical excellence. We firmly believe that achieving this vision requires steadfast prayer, proactive action, unwavering commitment, and exceptional leadership within our administrative and faculty team, bolstered by a strong foundation of parental support and involvement. Above all, our overarching goal is to equip our students to become devoted leaders and followers of Jesus Christ, ensuring that future generations may come to know Him, echoing the spirit of Psalm 78:4.

                                                                                       Our Purpose

Our purpose is to emanate Christ-like love, infuse a biblical worldview into education, and consistently pursue excellence in academics. Simultaneously, we aim to cultivate a close partnership with our families to collectively nurture the holistic development of our students.

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