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Admission, Registration & Application Process


The following items are needed to complete the application process:

· Application

· Application Deposit Fee

· Copy of most recent report card or preschool progress report (if applicable).  An unofficial transcript covering previous academic work is required for students applying for grades 1-8 or mid-year transfer students.

· Complete immunization records (state law requires that the school have a complete and accurate record of a student's immunization history, including all doses), or provide a notarized Affidavit Request for Exemption from Immunizations for Reasons of Conscience

· Copy of student's Social Security card (for student's permanent record)

· Request for Release of Student Records

· Completed Placement Assessment

· Enrollment Fees

· Interview of the student

Step By Step Enrichment Center/Academy welcomes applications from students desiring a Christ-centered, challenging, academic program.  Every family must submit a separate completed, signed application for each potential student and the application fee must be paid.  All required documents must be received in the Admissions Office prior to acceptance.  The submission of an application does not constitute acceptance.  Each student is evaluated on the following items: report cards or transcript, placement assessments, and the desire to succeed in a Christian atmosphere. Additional information and/or references may be requested for those children proposing to enroll in grades 4 and up. Students will be notified in a timely manner regarding their application. 

By signing the enrollment form, parents are certifying the information contained within to be complete and factual, promising to fulfill all financial obligations, and committing to adhere to the policies and regulations of Step By Step. They further accept that if tuition becomes delinquent, students may not be allowed to attend class. Please note  THAT PRESENTATION OF FALSE INFORMATION OR OMISSION OF PERTINENT INFORMATION ON THE APPLICATION AND/OR DURING AN INTERVIEW WILL CONSTITUTE GROUNDS FOR DISMISSAL FROM STEP BY STEP WITH NO REFUND OF TUITION OR FEES.